Name: VIP Rank (1 Month)
Price: 6.99 EUR

Thank you for considering the purchase of VIP rank! Here is a list of perks you'll receive if you decide to go forth with your donation :)

Global Announcement
When you purchase VIP RANK, a broadcast will be sent to the server as a thank you!

Global Perks

  • Pink username in tab & chat.
  • White chat messages.
  • Support PierceSMP.
  • Help towards the cost of our hosting and uptime.
  • Lasts 1 month - must repurchase in order to retain ranks & perks.

Hub Perks

  • Access to the VIP menu.
    • Toggle Speed 2 effect.
    • Toggle player visibility.
    • Toggle fly.
  • Access to use two-factor authentication (2FA)
    • You will be able to use /2fa in order to secure your account on our server!
  • /fly

Survival Perks

  • Keep Inventory & XP after death.
  • Homes limit increased to 15.
  • /ah sell limit raised to 50.
  • /back (on death)
  • /getclaimblocks
  • /clearinventory (Requires confirmation)
  • /pv 50 (PlayerVaults limit raised to 50)
  • /nick (Colours & Formatting enabled)
  • /ptime
  • /pweather
  • /tpahere
  • Player Warp Perks
    • You can own up-to 10 warps
    • Ability to charge visitors in-game money for visiting your warp
    • Use color codes in your warp's description
    • Set a warp password
    • Get notified when someone visits your warp
    • Transfer the ownership of your warp
    • Teleport to warps instantly with no delay